Nancy DuLac
Granby Grooming, LLC

"Finding this table was a blessing! As a very tall groomer I had a hard time finding a table that came high enough for me to still use good posture, while also low enough that i wasn't hurting my back picking dogs up. This table does both. Also, the up and down motion is so smooth the dogs don't even know they're moving - unlike with some hydraulics where there is a 'drop' when you go to lower it. I've used this table 5 days a week for 2 and a half years so far, and it's as nice as the first day. I'm so glad I researched the options and found this company."

Ashley Coomes

"I have a herniated disk in my back and because of your amazing table that goes amazingly low and high I'm able to continue grooming, it's what I love!!"

Sarah Perry
Owner of Sarah's Groom Room
Melrose, FL

"I purchased an accordian lift table for my brand new shop that I opened in November 2014. I could not be happier! Being 5' 10", finding an affordable table that goes high enough is not easy! This table is remarkable in that it goes so low and high, and stays completely stable while doing so. My back is so grateful! The motion is very smooth, and it very easy to clean. I love it!"

Roy Ahrens

"Hello! I'm so excited about this contest! I have a Comfort Groom Ultra Low Z-Lift Grooming Table and I love it! I can groom any size dog on it. They and I, feel secure, no wobbling, no worries about the table lifting or lowering too fast. This table is awesome... strong enough for me to sit on it while dremeling the nails on the rear paws even on the Bully Breeds. Yet it can raise up high to enable me to reach the teeny tiniest of Yorkies etc.! I love, Love, LOVE this table!!!!"

Jared Hirtzel
The Dapper Dog

"We love our Comfort Groom table & arm! I love how low it goes for getting large dogs on the table and lifts them with ease. Pictured is Bentley, a local therapy dog."

Ashley Moon

"I wanted to let you guys know at comfort groom that I have loved your company ever since I received my table. I LOVE IT! I couldn't do my job without it so thank you. You have won me over. I couldn't ask for a better table. Here is a picture of one of my many happy clients."

Karmen Schlesselman

"I love my ComfortGroom table. It will adjust to the perfect level for me to groom all of my cuties, even the largest ones! I can lower it almost to the floor to allow the heaviest dogs to step up onto the table instead of having to lift them up risking back injuries. It helps me to contain them so I can stand and groom them instead of stooping over or getting down on the floor with them. The table does not wobble when the figit and move around. It is the most sturdy table I have ever worked with. It is well worth every penny! Thank you ComfortGroom for making a high quality product."

Jill Dunham

"Before investing in a grooming table, I did my research to find the best I could find while still being reasonably priced. I groom small all the way up to large breed dogs. Sometimes I sit and other times I stand while grooming, so I needed something that was not only strong and sturdy but offered many height options. I've been using my Comfort Groom table for one year now and I absolutely love it! The dogs seem comfortable and secure and that makes for a good grooming experience for me and the dog! Thanks Comfort Groom!"

June Howells
Beauregards Grooming Salon, Inc.

"Attached is a submission from Beauregard's Grooming Salon. We hope you enjoy our family of Tibetan Terriers who frequent the use of your tables every two weeks! As you can see, they are very comfortable and love their grooming shop. We enjoy our three ComfortGroom tables and cannot wait until our other four tables are replaced with your wonderful product."

Tina S.
Paw Spa
Clearwater, Nebraska

"Hello, my name is Tina Schrage and my husband bought me my comfort groom table 2 years ago. I love it and could not do with out it. I am a young person but got diagnosed with heart disease and received a pace maker. So my husband purchased the table to make it easier for me and the dogs. Then he bought me the groom comfort no sit.. LOVE IT...!!!!! This Is one of my clients Tinker, she is a 1 year old Havapoo. She has learned to stand now from using this wonderful groomers helper tool. Thanks so much!"

Connie Coburn

"I love my comfort groom z lift table but the tool I love best is my grooming arm that folds! (Not pictured) I use that on my drying table it keeps the dogs secure doesn't wobble like other brands! I would love to win an electric table because I've torn my acl and mcl so pumping the hydraulic table is very hard by the end of the end of the work day!"

Kristi Gaither

"Hi my name is Kristi Gaither, 2 yrs ago I had to have surgery on my spine. I thought that this put a grooming career out of reach for me. The electric lift grooming table from Comfort Groom has allowed me to do the job I love by eliminating the need for lifting and bending. I am extremely happy with this table! This is a Picture of my dog Maggie on the Comfort Groom table. Thank You so much!"

Jennifer Tallon
Cedar Bend Kennels

"We are Cedar Bend Kennels and Grooming located in Knoxville TN and we have two of your wonderful tables and after the first one we knew Comfort Groom was the only one for us. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and affordable. Thanks for everything."

Xiu Tu

"Hello Comfortgroom, Attached is a picture I have taken in my grooming shop. I love your table so much. I have bought 3 exactly the same tables from your company. I am planing to get the 4th soon. Thank You so much."

Dawn Black and pack
Dusty, Otis, Gracie

"Just wanted to let you know my recent purchase of your table has been a hit with my kids. They have never been on a grooming table before and did not know how it was going to work. The motor is so quiet that they never knew they were being raised. Now their fun part is going for a 'ride'. This is really a beautiful table and not cheap looking what so ever. I posted this picture on my facebook page and a groomer friend was so impressed that she ordered a table from you this week."

Frank Marolda
Puppy Love Pet Grooming
Vernon Hills, Illinois

"Thank you very much for replacing the table top. We use Comfort Groom products exclusively in our store and are very pleased with the design/quality of the product. It says a lot about a company that stands behind their products. Your company is easy to deal with and has a top notch customer service department. Thanks again!"

Karen Curia
Pet's Comfort, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

" I'd like to say how thrilled I am with my Ultra Low Z Lift Electric Grooming Table. It's comparable to other tables I've seen that cost $1300. It's attractive, well designed and a true value.

I've had it for about 8 months now and I just love it. It's made my grooming life so much easier because of it's functionality. I love the fact that there are control pedals on both sides of the table. I also think the hooks beneath the table on all 4 corners are so handy. I hang my clippers and dremel from them. And the cushioned top is so nice. Not being a dog myself, I'm not sure how it feels to stand on it, but I would imagine that it's definitely more comfortable than the hard surfaces of other tables.

All in all, this is a wonderful table and I think the quality is amazing for the. Thanks so much for providing a tool that truly enhances my ability to groom.

Karen Curia Pet's Comfort, Inc."

Snowball Pet Grooming
Arcadia, CA

" I would like to say that ComfortGroom has been a wonderful company to work with. Although the company is new to the grooming industry, the parent company has been around for many years manufacturing the best in quality for spa beds. I was one of the fortunate first customers to first use their electric tables and I am very happy with my purchase. Because I like to work sitting down, I purchased the Column Lift Table, Z lift Electric, and the Accordian Electric Table. My main table is the Column table as it was very sturdy and gave me the extra leg room I badly needed. Aesthetically, it is also the best looking table in my opinion.

Our second Z Lift Electric table has been great to work with because of the clean electric legs and gives our groomers a good amount of leg room as well.

I also purchased their Accordian table which provided me great stability for larger and active dogs. The table sits very low and does not require me to perform any heavy lifting. The height range on this table is also excellent. I got the casters for this specific table since I wanted this table to be specific to the larger dogs. The casters on this has made my life a lot easier during transportation.

Overall, these tables have been amazing in quality and price. When I was dealing with other companies, they wanted to charge us an arm and leg for shipping. This company did right by going with a free shipping policy. Also, the lifetime warranty doesn't hurt either! I am very very happy with our purchase and will only purchase ComfortGroom tables if we ever expand our stations."

John Gilmore
Pawwwfect Mobile Grooming

" I have been a groomer for 10 years and have used several different grooming tables from other companies. This by far has been the best one I have used. The price was shockingly low for the high quality that I found the table to have.

I purchased the Ultra Low Z electric table and found it was very easy to assemble. The fact that I can take the top on and off so easily is helpful, allowing me to be able to clean the top between appointments if I need to. I also am really impressed with how stable the table is for both large and small dogs. The lift is smooth and the range is perfect for getting my larger clients on top.

I also purchased the The Groomer's Chair. I have had a bad back for years for sitting on bad stools. This chair is so comfortable for the times when I need to sit down to do a service. It supports my back and my legs and gives me a nice break from standing! I would definitely recommend this table for anyone who is on a budget but is looking for great quality.

The sales team wery helpful in assisting me with my choice and not to mention they ship for free!!"