Easily Increase Profits with Up-Selling Techniques.

By using “up-selling” techniques you can bring in more profits during each grooming service. Customers will be more satisfied when the “up-selling” is based on the pet and customers’ immediate wants and needs. When checking out a client, be sure to explain the services and products used while also explaining the benefits of each. This opens the conversation to “up-selling”. With a friendly conversation and a simple question you can easily increase your profits. If successful it can add up to a larger profit margin. When coming up with new ideas remember to be creative and keep the clients needs and wants in mind. Below are some ideas for “up-selling”.

– Let’s say that you noticed an ear infection, mention to the customer that you cleaned it and offer them a product that can help treat the irritation.
-Offering Organic and natural products give you a genuine non-artificial way to “Up-sell”
-During sports seasons, offer Fan Packages with team jerseys, matching bandannas and nail polish. Displaying photos of past clients decked out in the deluxe package will be a good selling point.
-Pedicures to pamper (this could include nail dremeling or polishing)
-Shed free programs to prevent cleaning (this could be a Brushing session)

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