5 Earth Day Activities for You and Your Pet

5 Earth Day Activities for You and Your Pet by Amanda Kelly

Looking to get involved this Earth Day? Why not bring your pet along with you? Petside has come up with five suggested activities for both you and your pet to partake in together to help the environment and go green this Earth Day.

1. Attend a Pet Friendly Earth Day Event

There are plenty of events to get involved in this Earth Day, so why not bring your pet along? Events such as a beach clean up or a park clean up are great ways to volunteer to beautify the community and may also be great pet friendly events. Check out a list of events in your community to find out which will find furry friends acceptable volunteers for their events.

2. Organize a Neighborhood or Dog Park Clean Up

Take the initiative and organize your own event. A neighborhood or dog park clean up is a great event to organize as a pet owner because every pet deserves a safe and clean place to play in. Talk to your neighbors, your family and your friends in order to build a volunteer group to undertake the project. Look here for tips on how to organize your own neighborhood/park clean up.

3. Take a Walk

Going somewhere within walking distance? Skip the car, grab your pet and embark on the journey together. Not only will walking prevent the pollution caused by cars, but it is also a great source of exercise and a way to get outside and enjoy our beautiful Earth. Don’t forget to keep your pet on a leash, though. Pets on a leash are less likely to go after—and possibly harm—native wildlife such as birds and they are less likely to run away from their companions.

4. Snuggle!

Don’t touch that thermostat! Instead of turning up the heat, employ snuggle power. Snuggling with your cute cats and dogs will not only keep everyone warm in potentially chilly spring weather, but it is always great to show your pets how much they are loved with a spontaneous snuggle session!

5. Adopt a Pet

Adoption is one of the best and most rewarding green options for loving pet owners! In addition to recycling your bottles, cans and newspapers, why not recycle a pet this Earth Day? Help to reduce the number of unwanted pets by visiting your local shelter and taking a new furry friend home.

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