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5 Common Mistakes Pet Groomers Make

By Aditi Vora of The Booker Blog


The Yorkshire Terrier of show class

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The beauty of the pet grooming industry is the large community of like-minded small business owners that have a passion for animals, grooming, and creating the best possible experiences for their customers. However, we’ve also noticed that the community also experiences similar challenges when it comes to keeping their business competitive.

For pet groomers, we’ve identified 5 common mistakes their business may be facing:

1. Lack of an Online Presence

We understand that, as a pet groomer, your expertise lies in services you provide, so building an online presence can feel foreign. Make sure you’re considering the following online assets:

  1. Creating a website
  2. Building a social media presence, ex: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin
  3. Listing in online directories
  4. Customer feedback and online reviews


2.  Not Knowing How You Acquired a New Customer

There’s no greater feeling than winning that new customer. However, without knowing where that customer came from, you might be missing out on where you should be focusing your marketing and advertising efforts. How customers find you is critical to your business growth and success. The right business management tool can give you the tools you need to track how each appointment was made.


3. Not Knowing Your Client’s Preferences

Customers like to be remembered. Particularly when it comes to a pet owner, they want to make sure their dealing with a groomer that has detailed accounts of their pet’s preferences and past services. Investing in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can give you an immediate view of each of your clients’ pet records including their names, types of cuts, and products they usually purchase.


4. Manually Managing Business Tasks

Chances are, you didn’t go into your grooming business looking to do the everyday drudgery of administrative work. With the right software, you can automate tasks like appointment confirmations, get snapshots of your daily schedule, and integrate your point of sale.


5. Not Marketing To Your Existing Clients

With 80% of your future profits coming from just 20% of your existing customers, it’s important to keep them in mind! Remember to build a loyalty program to keep your customers coming back to your grooming salon.



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Film Celebrates the Value of Rescue Dogs

By: Jaime Hall


Giusi Barbiani
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If you now or have ever owned a rescue dog, you know first hand that these precious animals often end up being the ones to rescue US. Nothing can replace the bond that an animal and owner experience when their love is based upon more than just a friendly trip to the pet store. Rescue dogs come to us frightened and wounded with much need for loving care, but they can also offer their own unique love and care to owners who may not even realize they need it. However it was that you and your beloved rescue found each other, the new film Rescue Dogs wants to share that story and celebrate the wonderful world of rescue dogs.


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The film’s plot follows Charger, a rescue dog, and his owner Tracy whom are faced with an evil corporation that wants to tear down the pair’s beach restaurant in lieu of a golf course. Through a comedy of errors and mishaps, the humans find they themselves can be rescued by their very own rescue animals. The story was inspired by the real-life rescue dog of the film’s writer/actor, Jordan Rawlins, and director, Michael Anderson. But it’s not just a film—it’s a movement! Rescue Dogs will benefit rescue shelters and dogs across the country by engaging in partnerships with them during the film’s release.


In order to help rescue dogs find homes and introduce viewers to the delight of taking in a rescue dog, the team behind Rescue Dogs will participate in a number of philanthropic strategies by doing each of the following; 1) Partner with a reputable rescue organization in each of the cities where the film will be opening; 2) Hold live adoption events during the film’s opening weekend; 3) Donate money from the film’s success AND their personal funds to various partner charities; 4) Promote owners to share the stories of love and generosity that brought them to their rescue dog. To submit your rescue dog’s story to be featured in the film’s credits, visit the Rescue Dogs “share” page and include your story along with a photo of your rescue dog.
Nothing says “holiday miracle” like sharing a better life with a pup-in-need, so consider making a donation to your local rescue organization this holiday season and be sure look out for the Rescue Dogs premier in early 2016!



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